Transforming how children grow and learn

ClientKuko StrategyBrand Strategy, Positioning, MessagingDesignVisual identity, Social Media Assets

Studio Bennu was appointed by Kuko to create a brand that children would be proud to own, use and tell their friends about.

Kuko is a startup that helps change how children grow and learn outside school. The days of not knowing how to do this are over. There are many brands in the market for children but not many put children before everything else. This is what Kuko does.

We defined the brand strategy and through research developed a position in the market that the brand can own.

When customers can’t find the best way to help their children quickly they move on. This insight influenced the design language of the brand. Products, categories and the intended reader’s age had to be understood fast. We created three key age groups, named them and brought them to life with individual colour palettes.

As the brand has its foundations in Africa the name had to connect back to the origin story. Kuko is derived from two African words meaning grow and learn.

Kuko is built on the idea that when children are excited to learn it becomes easier. This idea has influenced every element of the brand from inception through to the end consumer.