Critics’ Club

Empowering the next generation through art and culture

ClientCritics' ClubStrategyBrand Strategy, Positioning, MessagingDesignVisual identity, Social Media Assets

Studio Bennu was appointed by Critics’ Club to rebrand their business. Their existing brand was failing to connect with their target customers and limiting their growth

Critics’ Club’s mission is to inspire young people through the world of art and culture – by making them the critics! Through an extensive programme with schools, they take groups of children to museums and galleries and after the visit, they help them to evaluate the art and write a critical review. 

How are they different?

They flip the script. The children become the critics encouraging them to think carefully about the art and share all their young and creative ideas.  

We worked with all the stakeholders to ensure the brand has broad appeal. As part of this process, we developed six core values that reflect this young creative enterprise and connect with all age groups. The primary colours and playful graphics make the brand pop and capture the attention of both parents and children. 

We defined key messages that challenged the children’s perceptions of art. Empowering young people means giving them a voice. There is no better way to do this than to lead the brand communication with quotes pulled directly from their reviews. Suddenly everything changes; the kids can see their words have power. 

This project was featured in industry-leading magazines and design blogs including World Brand Design Society, Creative Boom and Design Week.

I absolutely love the brand that has been created.Studio Bennu went above and beyond to ensure that I have everything I need moving forward – all outputs were extremely high quality and there was a high level of attention to detail.I feel like Studio Bennu went above and beyond on this project.

Yasmin Ibison, Founder & Director