A compelling brand story can increase the value of any brand and create a powerful bond with customers

But most brands never use their narrative to its full potential.

Here’s how to maximise your brand story.


A brand story can be a powerful tool to build trust with your customers.

Trust is the first step to becoming a brand that people won’t substitute for love or money.


Trust and authenticity

When customers trust a brand they will go out of their way to find it.

They know its the best option in a crowded market.


By telling your brand story you are already way ahead of the competition because most brands don’t tell their story.

This is a mistake.

People want to know why and how you got here.

This level of exposure to customers builds a bond that can last a lifetime.


The best way to tell your story is to be authentic.

Don’t show the highlight reel, show the full unedited version with all the pain along the way.

This level of authenticity builds trust like nothing else.


There is no limit to the impact your story can have on your business.

Most brands will just write up their story and post it on their website.

That’s it.

Job done.

Don’t be like this.

You can take it further.

The further you take it the more powerful it becomes.


The brand Toms started after the founder Blake Mycoskie visited Argentina.

He was inspired to develop a shoe for the North American market and with every shoe sold he would give a pair to someone in need in Argentina.

The name

The name evolved from a project called the ‘Shoes of tomorrow’

Tomorrow or Toms

The name came from the brand narrative.

But look at the visual identity closer.

The colour palette is the Argentinian flag.

Where it all started.

This level of depth is incredible.

It brings the customer closer to the brand’s mission.

When communicated authentically a brand story fosters a connection between the brand and consumers that other brands don’t have.


In Summary

• Tell your brand story in full

• Be authentic

• Use your brand story to influence other areas of your brand