The one thing that made Apple the world’s first $3 trillion company?

Brand messaging.

But most companies never unlock its full potential.

This is Apples secret sauce that you can use in all your communication to capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

Apple takes their customers on a journey.

A journey that most other brands never do.

It’s a journey of success and it all starts with simplicity.

Simplicity of message.

Simplicity of vision.

A clear customer vision

Their vision of how your life will be with their products.

And it’s a very compelling vision.

When Apple launches a product or a service we all understand it.


They make it easy.

They make it simple.

Lead with emotion.

Justify with logic.

This is how the human brain works.


We are emotional beings.

We love a compelling vision for our future.

And Apple wants to take us there.

Once we are captivated we want to see how it works.

Makes sense.

So Apple then shows us the features and specs.

Ahh the M1 chip is how they are going to make me more productive.

I see.

Let’s see it in action.

Lead with emotion.

What do people want to become?

People want to look good.

They want style.

They want the status of owning beautiful products.

This isn’t just small.

No, no.

Far from it.

It’s stunning compact.

Connect to human emotion

People want to be connected.

Connected to their friends, family and business partners.

Humans are social animals. We live for social interaction.

And this product gives it to us.



What else do we want?

To be more productive, of course.

But how will Apple make us more productive?


This machine will do things before you even realised they needed doing!



So it’s going to elevate my status in my tribe, make me more connected to the people I love and make me more productive.


I’m sold.

But wait how does it do this?


This is where we as emotional beings need to justify our emotions with logic.

Even if we don’t fully understand the logic.

It doesn’t matter.

For most of us.

The logic box just needs to get ticked.


So what does Apple do?

Shows us specs and numbers.

And not just any numbers.





Ok, this thing really looks powerful.

It says it has an engine and the numbers look high.

Ok, box ticked.

It makes me feel good and it does this with lots of numbers.

And that’s it.


Next customer, please.

In summary

• Lead with emotion.
• Think about what your customers really want
• And then after this, back it up with logic