Kim Kardashian’s Skims just doubled in value to US$ 3.2 billion

She became a billionaire in 2021 but now her largest asset is Skims.

The brand.

This is the breakdown of how Skims took branding to the next level.

And why we should all be paying attention.

Although Skims had a rocky start with the sudden name change the brand’s strategic foundations were solid.

The internal brand strategy was set to disrupt the industry from the very beginning.

Let’s take a closer look.

Brand values

Brand values are the backbone of everything that a brand does and stands for.

Skims just took them to another level.

It’s clear that the core value is celebrating “every body”

Regardless of the shape, size or colour.


Many brands will say they have the same values but it’s rare to see a brand put their values into action quite like Skims.

How this core value has been translated into their messaging, visual identity & products is extremely refreshing.

This is why they talk about redefining the category.

Because they are.

Clear mission

Let’s take a look at their mission.

A mission statement is what the brand looks to give.

Give to their customers but also give to the world.

“Innovate on the past and advance our industry for the future”


Could be quite a generic mission statement.

But what’s more important is how the brand acts on its strategy.

Strategy is just a path forward.

It’s a brand’s actions that count.

What do they say?

How do they say it?

How do they make us feel?

A brand is created in the mind of the consumer.

We own it.

So how does Kim do this with Skims?

Creating product ranges that no brand has ever done before.

Creating products for “every body” This is how she is innovating.

The visual identity

The brand’s quest for innovation and its core value can be seen throughout its visual identity as well.

Their colours celebrate every skin colour and tone.


Their logo pays homage to every shape that the human form comes in.

It’s soft. It’s round.

It’s got that flavour that you just don’t see in the logo marks of other brands.


The new name – Skims

It works well.

It sounds like skin.

And this is what the brand is all about.

Being comfortable and confident in your own skin.

This is what good branding is all about.

Forming a strategy that is new a refreshing.

And translating that every step of the way into what the brand looks like.

What it sounds like.

What it feels like.

And this is what Skims has done.

This is why it’s valued at $3.2 billion

In summary

Kim Kardashian’s Skims has taken the fundamentals of branding to another level and as a result, it’s now worth $3.2 billion

• Make the brand strategy refreshing
• Live it every day