bill gates and steve jobs

We have developed brand strategies for 7-figure businesses all over the world.

Positioning is the most powerful tool.

This positioning strategy will set you apart and spearhead your rise to global dominance.

Positioning yourself against another brand not only gives your customers a relatable frame of reference but also emphasises your unique selling proposition.

Here are the three ways you can do this.


The Happy Couple

Otherwise known as a collaboration.

Working together can have incredible benefits. Just look at this Louis Vuitton x Supreme trunk that costs $150,000 USD

Can you think of a brand that would make sense for your business to work with?


The tactful shade

We all know Apple and Microsoft don’t get on but recently the mac giant has toned down their war of words to some tactful shade.

This is how Apple showed FaceTime working on a windows pc.

Wow, that PC looks shit.

And that is what they wanted you to think.

The all-out war!

An all-out war against another brand can work wonders if done correctly.

You get to promote your products and show how you are better than the competition.



Everybody knows this mac vs pc ad.


And it worked.

KSI and Logan Paul have their Prime drink which is also aiming to dethrone Gatorade in a heated war of words.

Ask yourself.

Who are we not?

What customers don’t we want?

This powerful reframe will help you find a worthy adversary