Innocent Drinks went from a bankrupt startup to one of Europe’s largest drinks brands.


By unlocking the power of brand values.

But most businesses don’t use them in the right way.

Here are two little-known ways you can supercharge your brand values.


1/ Make them specific

Innocent drink’s core value is natural.

This makes sense because it relates to what they sell: healthy smoothies.


They didn’t choose environmental because it doesn’t directly relate to their products.

Think about the most important part of your product or service for the consumer.

Why does it matter?


2/ Live your values

Brand values are no use if they are quickly written down and then forgotten about.

They should inform everything you do and every decision you make.


How do Innocent drinks live their values?

• All the energy in their office is from renewable sources

• Their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic

• Their website has a low power mode

Making your values specific and living them every day can work wonders for any brand.

Innocent drinks went from bankrupt to annual sales of £350 million using brand values.


In Summary

Brand values can build trust with your customers and increase brand equity

• Make your brand values specific to your business

• Live them every day