Twinings took a commodity and turned it into a luxury.

Increasing the price by over 100%


Brand positioning.

Here’s how to leverage positioning to maximise your profit.


1) Understand your customer

Aspirations are a key driving force behind human behaviour.

Once you understand your customer’s aspirations the connection between brand and customer can become very powerful.


This is all part of psychographics.

An important part of the research into your customer.

What are the big things they aspire to achieve?

Is it family? Health? Status?


What are the smaller more micro aspirations?

Does your customer value waking up late on the weekends?

Or maybe all they want is a Starbucks coffee before work.


These insights build an important picture of who your customers are.

Use these insights to build an emotional profile of your customers.



People buy with emotion and justify with logic.

When you know your customer’s emotional drivers you can play on this with your brand.


2) Connect your offering to an emotion

Emotions are powerful.

Emotions make us human.

But we can also connect our products and services to emotions to make them more appealing.


Twinings understand their customers in incredible detail.

All they had to do was translate their customer aspirational and emotional insights into products.

Look at their Superblends range.

The naming calls out the emotion in big bold letters.




Each one of these products in this range will have a target customer profile attached to it.


Calm is for that parent who aspires to have a calm Sunday morning.

Glow is for that young professional who goes to yoga during their lunch break.


Translate your customer’s aspirations into a product or service and hand it to them on a plate.

By doing this you are appealing to them personally and forming a deep connection.

And in the case of Twinings, this connection is over 100% increase in price.


3) Show your customers the vision

Once you know your customers.

You know their aspirations and emotional drivers.

You have created an offering that meets their needs.


Show them the vision.

Show them how their life will look with your product.


Twinings spell it out directly on their product – “Take a deep breath and find some time for yourself with a Moment of Calm.”

Ah, a moment of calm.

Or a cup of calm?

Wouldn’t that be nice after a long week?

BOOST – “Seize your day with both hands and add a little Boost for the perfect pick me-up.”

If you are the type of person that aspires to be more productive and get more done this tea suddenly seems very appealing.

If I buy this tea maybe my distractions will disappear.

Or maybe they won’t.

There is only one way to find out.




In Summary

1/ Understand the emotions and aspirations of your customers

2/ Develop an offering that meets their aspirations and emotional needs

3/ Show your customers an aspirational vision