Group of crazy shopaholics making purchases in online store

Imagine if nobody cared about your product.

People have seen it and moved on.
They don’t care.

Enter Product Storytelling.

  • Instant connection
  • Increased value
  • More sales

Here’s how to rule your category with product storytelling


What is product storytelling?

Storytelling is nothing new.

We have been using it for thousands of years to communicate.

It’s hardwired into our brains to understand stories.


As communication has evolved over time we have started using storytelling in many ways.

Brand stories, design stories and product stories.

Each has its place.


Product stories set your product apart from the competition.

They increase the value of your offering.

They allow you to increase your price point.

They defend your product from competitors.

They boost your sales.


Product stories sound good.

They make the offering more compelling.

They form a deeper connection between the consumer and the product.



The best product stories are clear.


They focus on two elements.

The product and the consumer.


1) The product

What was the hardest part of making the product?

People love to hear stories about overcoming adversity.

It’s basically the plot of every film.

I’m looking at you Star Wars!

Good VS evil.

Your product VS evil

What is that evil?

Danger? Procrastination?


Where is your innovation?

People want to know the lengths you went to make your product.

Once they know this it’s even more special.

The connection forms.

How many lemons did you put in your juice?

Were they fresh? Picked from the foothills of the Maasai Mara?


Tell us.

We want to know.

Once we know nothing will compare!


2) The customer

What is your customer’s pain?

Focus the story on how your product is the solution.

Solutions are captivating.

What can people do with your product?


Who will they become when they use your product?

The brands people choose is an unspoken language that we all understand.

That brand will put you in this tribe.

This brand will make you feel retro, cool, youthful.

Show us who we will become.



Innocent shows us what we can do with their new almond milk.

They want us to be more creative.

This product gives us options.

It allows us to create.


Audi shows us what it takes to make one of their cars.

The innovation is laid bare for us to see.

It looks complicated.

They say they are pioneering this technology.


In summary

Product stories form a connection between the product and consumers.

A connection that lasts.

• Focus on the product and the consumer

• Tell us what went into making the product

• Show us who we will become when we buy it

• Tell us what we can do with it