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80% of startup founders said building a community was important for their business.

28% of founders said it’s critical to their success.


Yet most businesses fail to build a successful community

Here’s how to supercharge your brand with a thriving community


The benefits of a brand community

1. A deeper connection and understanding of your customers

2. Easier to develop products and services – By testing & feedback

3. Marketing is easier – You already have an active base

4. Low customer acquisition cost

5. Increase in brand equity

6. Customer support is easier and cheaper – Members help other members

7. Faster sales


The list could go on and on.

Done well a community is a win-win.

Building a community for a brand requires a mindset shift.

It’s not your brand.

It’s theirs.


1/ Give your brand away.

If you are serious about building a community your brand must open its doors.

It must become a vehicle for people to live through the brand.

Strap in.

We are on a ride straight up to ‘self-actualization’

Looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

We need the brand to be right at the top in people’s lives.

Self-actualization is often described as the realization of someone’s full potential.


If we want a deep connection with customers…

A connection so deep they ‘join’ the brand.

They must realise their potential through the brand.

Let’s look at some practical steps to do this.


2/ Connect with the different audiences in your world.

Every industry has diehard fans.

People pushing the industry forward. The people at the cutting edge.

In sports, these people are called athletes.


Find them in your industry and connect with them.

Understand what they want and how they view the industry.


Every industry also has casuals.

People who are only really there because it serves a purpose.

Like your friends that only watch the Super Bowl and no other sport.

These people also have important views on the industry.

Connect with them.


This is brand management.

It’s important.

Once you understand these two groups you will know what you need to bring to the table to have an active community.

Both groups will want different things.

Both will give you useful insights for your community.


3/ Clear brand values and messaging

People will be more likely to connect with a brand that shares their worldview.

When you have very clear values customers will pay attention.

You must put these values into practice to build trust.

Prove them to your customers.

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4/ Deliver & reward community members

To build a successful community it must be very clear what the added value is.

Is it a discount on tickets?

Or exclusive events?

Deliver value.

Reward community members with perks.

Make them feel valued.


5/ Manage the community

A brand community without any interaction from the brand is just a group.

Understand the different roles you need in your community.


For example

Community leaders, organisers and community promoters

Each different type of player in the community has different responsibilities and different perks.

Have a dedicated person or team that works with the community.


6/ Track, Engage, Improve

Track the growth of your community.

Identify what is driving its growth and double down.


Go to the events, talk to the members.

Understand what they like and what needs work.



Always be adding and testing new elements with your members.

This will keep things fresh. For you and your members.