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89% of customers stay loyal to brands that share their values

But most businesses never leverage their brand values to gain customer loyalty

Here are 3 ways to unlock your brand values to build an army of loyal customers


Values are an essential part of building a brand.

They should inform your messaging, tone, visual identity and personality.

Let’s just say they are important.


If you write them down and never use them they are pointless.

Use this three-step process to maximise your brand values


1) Know your customers

Start with research.

Talk to your customers.

Understand what they care about.

Ask them what brands they respect and why.

Use this information to inform your values.


2) Make your values clear and specific

Vague values that could be applied to any business are pointless.

Make sure your values are specific to your business.

Customers will connect with values that make sense to them.


Don’t just choose one word.

Tell people what your values mean to you.



Whole Foods have a primary value – We Satisfy And Delight Our Customers

But what does this mean?

Anybody could say this.


So they add – Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder.

We strive to meet or exceed their expectations on every shopping experience.


Make sure your values are specific to your business.

Tell people what they actually mean in practice.

Make them clear.


Brands that are ambiguous never grow.

The easier your brand is to understand the faster people will join you as a loyal customer.

3) Live your values

Most brands never demonstrate how their values play a role in the business

This part is key.

It shows a level of authenticity and commitment.

It builds trust.

Trust leads to loyalty.


Ever heard the phrase show me don’t tell me?

This couldn’t be more true for brand values.

Telling your customers what you value is utterly pointless unless you back it up.



Innocent drinks have a core value of sustainability so they make sure all their offices are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Don’t you instantly feel better about the brand now you know they are living their values?


Back up what you say and people will be loyal to your cause.

Loyalty for any business is the holy grail.

Use your brand values to ensure your customers stay loyal to you.


In summary

1. Listen to your customers

2. Make your values clear and specific

3. Take action