Elon musk with various inventions

Elon Musk owns Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company and maybe Twitter.

He has grown each one into over $1,000,000,000

All with $0 spent on marketing.

Here are the 5 branding principles that he uses every time.


1) The name

The name of a brand is so important.

It’s the first thing you see and the last thing you remember.

Elon knows this

That’s why he bought the name Tesla for $75,000.

The Boring Company also has an incredible name.

It says what the company does, its vision for the future and the brand personality all in one.

Nice work Elon!

2) Vision

Every company Elon starts has a powerful vision for the future.

The vision is so captivating that it spreads like wildfire.

• Space X – Live on mars

• Tesla – Renewable energy

• Boring Company – No traffic

Your vision is so powerful.

Make it inspiring. Make it specific. Tell the world.

Read more about how to craft your vision


3) Mission

Each brand has a powerful mission.

The mission is what the company gives.

Gives to its customers but also contributes to the world.

• Space X – Space travel & communication

• Telsa – Guilt-free transportation

• Boring Company – Faster travel and cleaner cities

4) Innovation

The backbone of every company that Elon owns is innovation.

Every company has a first-mover advantage.

Every company is pioneering.

Companies wither and die without innovation.

Elon has made innovation the core of every brand.

It’s always a risk.

Tesla nearly went bankrupt and Elon had to fight to keep it alive.

Get a balance between pushing the boundaries and playing it safe and your brand will flourish.


5) Personality

Every brand Elon owns has a personality.

This is why people connect with them.


When Tesla first launched every electric car was slow, boring and predictable.

Tesla entered the game by being stylish, sleek, and futuristic this gives the customers a sense of status when they own it.

The Boring Company has taken what would be boring and made it fun, exciting, and exotic.

Flip the script. Go against the flow.

Different will always beat better.

And Elon Musk knows this.

Use your brand’s personality to stand out.