Most rebranding is done at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

Here are 3 vital signs you can’t afford to miss.

Critical for startups


1) The market has changed

Sometimes things are out of your control.

• A new competitor arrived

• There is an unexpected new trend

• New laws have changed how you can work


It’s hard running a business.

Not everything is in your control all the time.

When the market moves and causes an earthquake in your business.

It could be time for a change.


2) You have changed

A lot of startups rush their branding and focus on proof of concept and R&D.

This is ok.

But when the business is growing fast it could be time to redefine your brand strategy and design a new visual identity.

This will only help your growth in the long run.


3) Damage Limitation

Sometimes it requires dramatic change when the shit hits the fan.

A rebrand won’t save a business that has fundamental issues with its product or services.


A rebrand must be part of a larger strategy to be better.

More of a holistic approach.

But when it’s done right a rebrand can really show people that you’re different.

You have addressed your shortcomings and things have changed.