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The best way to become a market leader, charge premium prices and have an army of loyal customers?


But most brands never take full advantage of it

Here’s a quick framework that you can use to make sure you stand out and own the market


This framework is called your “only statement”

It distils your brand down to the sole element that makes you different.

It was created by branding guru Marty Neumeier.


The Only Statement

This statement has 4 parts.

1. Your offering

2. Your unique benefit

3. Your customers

4. Your market

Let’s go


The template looks like this.

Your brand is the ONLY [Your offering] that [Unique benefit] for [Your Customers] in [Your market]

When if you can fill out this template and it’s 100% based on research then you are on to a winner.



Brand: Harley-Davidson

Offering: Motorcycles

Unique Benefit: Big loud ones

Customers: Macho guys & wannabees

Market: Mostly in the USA


Let’s put it all together.

Harley-Davidson is the ONLY motorcycle manufacturer that makes big, loud motorcycles for macho guys and wannabees mostly in the United States.


You can then add more detail once you have the basic structure right.

This could include more info on your customers or market.


Put this together for your brand and see if you really are the ONLY one that can do what you do.

If a competitor can easily move into your ONLY space then it’s not strong enough.


In summary

Use this framework to make sure you really are the ONLY one.

1. Research the market

2. Use this framework

3. Check to see if it’s true and will be in the future if not…

4. Start again