illustration of customers

The 1 thing iconic brands share?

Consumer Trust

81% of consumers won’t buy from a brand they don’t trust

Here are 3 ways to build trust & gain more customers


1) Transparency

Over 90% of consumers say brand transparency is important to their purchase decisions.

Transparency should touch as much of your brand as possible.

Your offering and production is an area that consumers care a lot about.

How do you produce your offer?

What is the lifecycle of your product?

Tell your customers.


2) Brand values

83% of millennials said buying from brands that align with their values is important.

Don’t write and forget them.


Write your brand values and let them lead the brand.

Everything you do should be in line with your brand values.

Show your customers how you are putting them into action.

Write. Action. Tell.

This will boost the trust customers have in your brand.

For more help with your brand values read this


3) Deliver on your brand promise

One of the key brand principals that Jeff Bezos uses is the brand promise.

Takes one area of business that is timeless.

For example low prices or fast delivery.

Then use this to form your brand promise.


Once you have made this promise to your customers.

Make sure your brand consistently delivers on this promise.