Apple makes more money than Samsung by selling fewer phones.


By focusing less on design


1) Apple is not the hero anymore

When the iPhone was first launched Apple was the clear technological market leader.

The technology was lightyears ahead of the competition.

The iPhone was the future.

The future was bright.

Every iPhone launch was accompanied by a video of Jony Ive saying something along the lines of

“We have completely redesigned the new iPhone”

He would then go into depth about the design process to make a new shade of black.

Apple was the hero.

[videopress DwzaA5KQ]

Credit: Apple

But as the competition caught up and many of the features are available on other devices Apple has changed

The customer is the new hero.

Apple has realised that all the features in the world are pointless unless they make an impact on people’s lives.


Apple is transitioning from a tech brand to a lifestyle brand.

A brand that people care about.


2) A customer-centric vision

Apple now puts the customer at the centre of everything.

The features are displayed in real-life situations.

In a relatable way.

Apple shows its customers how their life will change when they use Apple products.

[videopress w7eToMcG]

Credit: Apple

Apple wants us to be more creative.

And helps us get there with the products they sell.

The products used to be at the forefront.

But now they are a consequence of the mission they are on.


Building on the emotional connection people have with the brand every day.

Endless visions of how people’s lives change for the better.

A better camera means more memories with your family.

A longer battery means more opportunities for experiences.

A faster processor means easier communication with your friends

A bigger screen means you can relax and unwind

Face ID means you are safe and secure to be yourself

Every feature has an emotion.

Every feature has a vision.

Every last part of the story is focused on the customer.


Even the design story.

The recycled aluminium body means your environment is safer.

The processor is energy efficient so you don’t have to spend so much to charge it.


Is customer first.

Emotion first.

Story first.


This is why we love Apple

This is why we connect with Apple.

This is how Apple can make more by delivering less.