The $ 3 Billion Mission

It took 8 years

But you can use the branding principles that made it happen today


1) Leverage credibility

Beats used celebrity endorsements to position their products as professional.

Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, will i am

They all had beats

Credibility is king

When customers think your product is the best you can charge more.

There are many ways to do this…

• Win awards

• Collaborate with larger brands

• License patented technology

• Get an expert to review your product or service


Use as many ways you can to add credibility to your brand.

Enjoy higher prices.



2) Industry fusion

Beats isn’t just an audio company.

It’s a fashion company.

They were the first to fuse audio and fashion.

It worked.

How do you leverage this for your brand?

Read on


The rules for branding are being rewritten every day.

Just because all the brands in one industry do it one way doesn’t make it right.


Use other industries as inspiration.

Innovation doesn’t have to be groundbreaking.

It just has to be new.

Blend what works in some industries with others.

You are the chef.

Cook up a storm.


3) Growth strategy

Beats started with studio headphones that cost $400

Launching premium headphones only helped to solidify its position as a professional audio brand.


The magic really starts once you have the position.

When you own the right space.

You leverage it.

Roll out the high-profit margin offerings.

They had the credibility, they had the novelty and they had the position.

The perfect place to be for record growth.

The best part is anybody can do this.


Use your offering to position your brand.

What you start with is the most important part.

Then diversify to grow.


In Summary

You can use the strategy that beats used to be acquired for $ 3 billion by apple

1. Credibility and differentiation to break into the market

2. Product offering to position and grow