steve jobs with first iphone

A guide to cultivating innovation

Lessons on innovation from the best brands on the planet

Nike ad

Nike: The king of branding

Two essential parts of the Nike brand strategy that you can use to supercharge your growth

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Maximise your brand story

How to use your brand narrative to influence your brand and connect with customers

Nike Logo sketch

Logos are dead. Long live logos.

How to add more meaning to your logo mark

KFC logo over the years

Acronyms suck

Reasons why you should probably never use an acronym for the name of your brand

bill gates and steve jobs

Positioning is the most powerful tool

Three positioning strategies you can use to become the market leader

Oatly oat milk

Superpower brand positioning

How Oatly rebranded to dominate the market with powerful positioning

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The one thing that made Apple the world’s first $3 trillion company?

The secret sauce behind Apple's sucsess that you can use to win the hearts and minds of your…

kim kardashian in Skims

Skims takes branding to a new level

Skims translates great brand strategy into a powerful visual identity making Kim Kardashian a…

unique selling proposition venn diagram

Unlock the power of the unique selling proposition

This framework will put your business light years ahead of the competition if you use it right

Brand Strategy Sketch

Brand Strategy Outline

This outline of how to build a brand strategy will help you define your brand

innocent drinks

Unlock the power of brand values

How to connect with your customers and build loyalty with brand values